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Looking for a range of experiences - from golden surfing beaches and tranquil lake cruising to untouched mountain wilderness and quaint waterfront towns? Then look no further than Lake Macquarie... where we invite you to relax and indulge. Centrally located in Warners Bay, we are the perfect host for your quick break, holiday or event in the beautiful Hunter Region.

Gig Guide


Wednesday1Robs Trivia and Free Raffle
Thursday2Craft Beer and Rib Night with Dave Carter
Friday3Grand Theft Audio
Wednesday8Robs Trivia and Free Raffle
Thursday9Craft Beer and Rib Night with Jake Folbigg
Wednesday15Robs Trivia and Free Raffle
Thursday16Craft Beer and Rib Night with Bobby C
Saturday18The Rumour
Wednesday22Robs Trivia and Free Raffle
Thursday23Craft Beer and Rib Night with Kylie Jane
Friday24Made Radio
Saturday25The Cruisers
Wednesday29Robs Trivia and Free Raffle
Thursday30Craft Beer and Rib Night with Greg Bryce